Android Apps TO Make Smartphones Safe AND Secure

To all Android-base smartphone users, is your phone secure from virus and malware attacks? Everyone knows that once you buy a smartphone, you can download apps for free. However, most of the time Android tablets and smartphones don’t have default antivirus programs. If your smartphone doesn’t have security and privacy apps installed, you might become victim to information stealing, SMS fraud and identity theft. You must install security and privacy apps to protect your phones. Here are some considerations to secure your smartphone.

Protect yourself from malwares and viruses

The best apps to protect you from these types of attacks would be antivirus tools. There are many antivirus tools available for download but experts consider only the most popular options. The most popular antivirus tool is AVG Antivirus Free. Aside from getting rid of viruses, it protects your phone from malware attacks, from illegal remote connections and terminates tasks that eat up your memory. Other popular apps include TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security and Avast Mobile Security. They may have different additional features but these apps will surely protect your smartphone.

5 Simple Steps To Keeping Your Smartphone (And Data) Safe

5 Simple Steps To Keeping Your Smartphone (And Data) Safe

Lock down your personal data and some apps

There will be times that you leave your phone at the house only to discover that someone has downloaded a $20 app from Google Play without permission and some of the settings in your phone changed. For this case, you must install App Lock which has a lot of features to secure your phone. The app can block the phone’s access to Google Play so there won’t be any illegal download. It can also lock the system setting as well as filter incoming and outgoing calls. Other privacy apps include Privacy Master and Smart app is also alternative choices.

Invest in password managers

Always find time to install password managers in your device no matter what device you are using – UNIX, Mac OS, Windows, BlackBerry and most especially Android. These apps would keep you will not you only manage your passwords but also help you store other important accounts. You must find an an app that does all these things and at the same time uses an algorithm encryption that is not breakable. There are many password managers to choose from but you never grow wrong with LastPass as well as Dashlane Password Manager, mSecure Password Manager and Keeper Password and Data.

Android App Security Basics

Android App Security Basics

Don’t install apps that ask for too much

Last but not the least, there are security apps that ask too much permission from you and will try to access some of the phone services such as sending text services and accessing your calendar and address book. There are many apps that are actually gaining access to private information when it should not. You should know that security apps should be able to protect you even without accessing some of your phone features. Just to be safe you can install Clueful Privacy Advisor from Bitfender and check whether there are apps in your smartphone that is accessing too much on your smartphone.

3 Ways To Know If Your Partner Is Lying

Your conversations are getting awkward. Talks between the two of you have too much dead air. She disappears and she’s on the defensive when you ask. And you think, “something’s up.”

Sorry buddy, but she’s keeping something from you.

Here are three ways to decipher your significant other, our small effort to contributing to a more honest society.

Because, really, buddy, we all notice it. She’s lying to you:

Look for the Tell-tale Signs

Check out her body movement. Can she look you in the eye whenever she’s explaining something? Does she explain things in a suspiciously detailed matter? Does she pause in between sentences? Among the best ways to determine whether your partner is lying to you is to let her body do the talking. Studies suggest that there are never any accidental movements. Everything that a person does is suggestive of what goes on in that person’s mind. In this case, if your girl is lying to you, she’ll probably do one of two things: go on the defensive, which means that she’ll be covering her bases when you ask her about something; or be obvious, meaning she’s going to tell you something, but there are things you can easily piece together.

Four Ways to Tell If an Online Dater Is Lying

Four Ways to Tell If an Online Dater Is Lying

Catch Her Offguard

Admit it, partners often give each other access to their private lives at some point or another, whether it be passcodes to your smartphones, or keys to one or the other’s bedrooms. When you suddenly find yourself unable to get into some minor details of her life through these channels, dude, something’s up. She’s probably hiding something from you. The secret to finding out the truth in your relationship is to feign a lack of interest. This will lower your partner’s guard.

They key is to know when to reveal that you know that she’s hiding something. You suspect that she’s been hanging out with another dude? Don’t ask her. Wait for her to make a mistake. And then show up unexpectedly. Boom! Instant lie-detector.

3 Easy Ways to Know If Your Partner Is Cheating on You

3 Easy Ways to Know If Your Partner Is Cheating on You

If All Else Fails, Mirror Her Ways

The thing about lying partners is that they’re probably doing it for some reason or another. Maybe she’s bored? Maybe you’re not doing enough to make her happy? Maybe you’re just a douche she can’t get rid of (there, there buddy).

In any case, the best way to find out the truth that your lying partner is keeping from you is to make her feel how you do when you suspect her of lying. Disappear, don’t call or text, don’t be there. She’ll begin to wonder the same things. This way, you two decide that you need to talk about things and figure out how to go from there.

Fight Depression The Natural Way

Ironically, first-world countries have the highest rate of depression. The fast-paced and complex demands of modern society are taking a toll on families and are causing individual members to grow farther apart from one another. Technology is quickly displacing humans. Robots tirelessly work where human hands once were. Computers substitute for outside sports, recreation, and socialization.

There have been many studies on effective methods to cure depression. Medical manufacturers have come up with drugs for treating depressive symptoms. But apart from medical intervention, there are natural ways that help people come out of their depression.

Amazing Natural Way to Fight Depression

Amazing Natural Way to Fight Depression

Get out on long nature walks

Taking a long walk outside has long been prescribed by psychiatrists to depressed individuals as part of a therapeutic program. Being exposed to nature or a relaxing environment in general helps to lift a person’s mood. It gives the mind its much needed dose of rest from all anxieties and fears that go with depression episodes. Moreover, long walks can be a good form of exercise that helps the body fight hormonal imbalance. To top it all off, sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, a nutrient which helps improve mood and overall well-being.

Observe a proper and balanced diet

The truth in the old adage “You are what you eat” cannot be refuted. Eating junk food does nothing more but feed a depressive disorder. Eating crap can make someone feel worse about herself, digging deeper the pit that she has fallen into which makes it even harder to pull herself out of the situation. Junk food contributes to a vicious depressive cycle.

Look for someone to talk to

One of the major contributing factors to a major depressive attack is detachment or isolation. When someone withdraws herself from people, she gets swallowed whole by her emotions and negative thoughts. Talking to someone or at least finding a good listener helps in coming to terms with one’s unresolved feelings and inner conflicts. People with depression need an outlet for their pent-up emotions and a support system to help them pull themselves out of their personal abyss.

Get involved in a productive activity

Taking part in a worthwhile activity such as sports, a hobby, or charity and volunteer work does not only take one’s mind off his problems but also help create a meaningful outlook on life. It helps someone realize that life can be enjoyable. Also, doing good for others helps one find a purpose in life; you do not only make other people feel better, but you also feel good about yourself in doing a selfless act.

Fighting depression, the natural way

Fighting depression, the natural way

Be silly and laugh

Life can really be a big joke sometimes so treat it as one. Quit the negative attitude and try not to be too serious about things and too hard on yourself. Find something silly to laugh about. Laughter in the face of a problem can make everything feel a bit lighter. You might say this is senseless but remember that the solution to anything starts with having a positive outlook.

Whatever the circumstances are surrounding your own depression, the cure will always begin with having the courage and the willingness to change your life. It does not mean undoing what has been done or bringing back what was lost, but having the desire to move on with your life, to come to terms with your pain and your loss, and to hope again for a better future.

Ensuring You Get The Best Salary For Your Efforts

Landing a job from a company that’s impressed with your credentials, educational background, and skill set, is not an easy thing to accomplish considering the number of other candidates they can choose from. You are chosen because they know they can benefit a lot from you.

In this case, use it to your advantage and try to negotiate or persuade them to give you a better offer one they can accept depending on the terms you put on the table. Talent is worth a great deal of money which they have the option to match it or from other companies should they choose to reject it. Either which, it’s a win or lose situation for them.

5 Ways to Get the Best Salary You Can Get

5 Ways to Get the Best Salary You Can Get

Do Extensive Research about the Company

Before agreeing on the terms and agreement written on a contract in front of you from a company who needs your talents, know first what you’re getting into especially about the company. This will ensure that you are in the right situation to be in as part of a company that pays you well for your services.

Know about the salary average of other job positions within the company. This will give you an idea on exactly how much your worth to the company is and if the offer is adequate enough to pull a deal for you. If you deem fit that the company is offering you the minimum wage with no wage flexibility in the long run, might as well skip the second interview stage or the contract signing for that matter.

 9 tips for making your staff salary investments work for you

9 tips for making your staff salary investments work for you

Don’t Get Way Ahead of Yourself

When your name is called for an interview from a company that has an interest in your talents and skills which can help your company, get dressed and meet the interviewer. Listen and answer everything thrown at you and get them impressed with what you can do.

However, at this stage, never disclose your expected salary to them. Be patient until the right time when you need to know how much you’ll get and whether it’s good for your or not. But until that time comes, don’t accept offers at your range because what you offer might not be expected. Maybe they had in mind to offer you higher than what you asked for.

Know You’re Worth and Value

If you are in favor by a company who wishes to hire you because of your exquisite talents, make sure that you are in the right position to demand or negotiate for your worth and value. If there are other companies who are willing to pay higher to get you, use that to your advantage to lure them in making a better offer.

Make sure that the job you land in is paying you what you deserve. The company is earning a lot because of you. Therefore, you and everyone else who has contributed to its success must be handsomely rewarded for all services rendered.